Thursday, July 12, 2012

20 Double-Unders 21-15-9 OHS @ 135/95 Toes to Bars   The WOD starts with 20 dubs…. Any time you drop the bar, or drop off the toes to bar before completing the sets of 21-15-9 reps you have a twenty double under penalty. If you do all 21-15-9 reps unbroken, then no penalty is assessed. Any interruption of sets equals an instant penalty.   Example. 20 double unders, 21 OHS unbroken, 17 Toes to bars, 20 dubs, 4 Toes to bars, 13 OHS, 20 dubs, 2 OHS, 15 Toes to bars. 9 OHS, 9 Toes to Bars unbroken. Wod over.  :) Via

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